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JB Minton’s early short fiction, poetry, lyrics & articles are assembled in one volume, featuring over 20 short stories, 75 poems & 12 articles, defining Minton's "Red Period," between 1995-2003, exploring death, sex, God, revolution, hatred & love.



...And The third floor magistrates took the rape

From the Author's Foreword:

In the Fall of 2000, three months after I graduated from the Bowling Green State University Undergraduate Creative Writing Program, I had a lot of memories and a lot of free time. This was before I had children, a wife, and a job that required one second more than 40 hours a week. I wanted to make sure I captured it all before I lost it. So I committed to writing a novelized version of the people and events of my freshman year in college, that pivotal year that would do more to influence my becoming a productive citizen than any other year of my life. 

But I needed a driving story to encapsulate the characters and episodes that I wanted to make sure I captured. At this time, I was undergoing a political awakening as well--immersing myself in texts like The Law by Bastiat, The Mainspring of Human Progress by Henry Grady Weaver and The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski, all amazing humanist texts that spoke to me of man's ability to achieve social justice and technological advancement for our species. It was an exciting time to be writing. We still had a year before 9/11 would happen, when our civilization would descend into a madness fueled by an economy of war. There was a lot of hope but still a lot of social injustice and this is where i decided to plant the flag for this story.

Being a huge fan of The Godfather, I liked the idea of a group of young men bound together by honor and outlaw justice and I wanted to include the ritualistic use of marijuana as an agent that would bind the group tighter together over time. I also liked the idea of the protagonist becoming lost in the delusion of being a lovelorn knight of chivalry but who was completely lost in finding his true effectiveness in the world. And, ultimately, I wanted to take away the world he had built for himself over the year and watch him disintegrate and come back together from a reflective perspective in the future. I wanted the reader to get a little bit of the man he became out of this time of magic and loss. 
--JB Minton, 2013--


Short Stories

The Ice Harvest

In Decatur, Illinois, during the winter of 1891, an ice harvester commits a murder.


The ceo

A short story about a COO losing his power and his family because of poor decisions.



Fan Phenomenon Twin Peaks

Scott Ryan and I both assume literary form as Red Room Podcast hosts when we penned the essay, "Yeah But The Monkey Says Judy: A Critical Approach to Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me,"