"The CEO" a Short Story

By J.B. Minton

"The CEO" is the first in a series of short stories that I will eventually publish in a collection titled Office BullshitWhile each story is  a vignette focus on one character, when aggregated together they will tell the story of a company falling down around itself because of rampant corruption at every level. Each person will have some ownership and be affected by what is happening to the company.  

It's always important to point out that this is fiction and no characters are based on actual people but rather, like all writers, I pick up little pieces of people and personalities and events that get embellished into drama and the sewed together to create a complete story arc. Working in a professional office environment has been one of the greatest studies in human psychology and relationships I could have possibly engaged in. I have met people I love and will remain friends with for the rest of my life. And I've met some disgusting people I hope I never see or hear from again. All of this leads to great drama of course and I hope you enjoy. 

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