Cover of Bob Dylan's "What Good Am I?"

Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics to "What Good Am I?" on the "Oh, Mercy" album after seeing a homeless man being harassed by NYC police officers while his starving dog looked on helplessly. These are some of the most painful lyrics he ever wrote. After serving food to 500 destitute people on a recent trip to San Francisco, I was moved to return to this song and it moved me to tears. Never as good as the original, this tribute is what came from inside me when I pay respect to the verse.

"Love Minus Zero / No Limits" Bob Dylan Cover

In this series of going through and reimagining Bob Dylan's lyrics in unique musical compositions. I've been learning how to compose using Apple's Logic Pro X. I start with a drummer track, find the right tempo. Then I'll throw some keyboards or just a bass line on (sometimes both) and then I go hunting in my big book of Bob Dylan lyrics. For this one, the lyric in this about the Bankers nieces seeking perfection and all the gifts that wise men bring just knocks me out. The vocals here were from the third take, and you can hear me reach at one or two spots but this is what happens when you take Nobel Prize lyrics and put them on an amateur composition. 


Ain't Talkin' (Bob Dylan Cover)

Modern Times is the album I listened to as I rushed to the hospital to meet my daughter for the first time. Over time, Ain't Talkin'  has become one of my favorite songs on the album. The harshness of the narrator coupled with the deeply transparent statement about trying to be best to other human being, "But Mama, it's not going so well," is just a masterful lyric. 

Like any of these Dylan covers, I lay the tracks down first and then go looking for Dylan lyrics that fit the mood and stanza spacing. This one fell into place once I listened back to the second guitar track. I actually started humming the chorus and I just knew it was a gift. 

"Careless Fires" Words & Music by JB Minton

Careless Fires

Careless fires start in a flash
Burn out the rim and move in to crash
The opening blast burned off your face
And now you could be anyplace

Carless fires never burn very long
But they'll burn to the end of the song

Careful fires wait to ignite.
They bend into darkness and bring out the light.
The end of the flame brings out the dawn
Scatter the ash and prepare to move on.