Cover Of "Take It Where You Can Get It" Words and Music By Miranda Sound

If you were to ask me who the best songwriters are that I've ever personally met, well I'm going to tell you that it's Dan Gerken, Billy Peake, Sean Sefcik, and Dan Bell. The music they wrote as Miranda Sound and performed all over the country, but mostly here in the Midwest and Central Ohio, defined what was happening inside the guts and gizzards of so many of us in our 20s and 30s. And in retrospect, they produced an alternative soundtrack of George W. Bush's America, which seems awfully sane and muted now, but back then it felt like the world was on fire, and I guess it's always felt that way.

But Miranda Sound had sweet moments as well and this is my sloppy but well-intentioned cover of their incredible song "Take It Where You Can Get It," a beautiful acoustic lullaby on their "Western Reserve" masterpiece album. I wanted to see how it would work as more of an anthem, but the song kept drawing me back to its quiet places, and perhaps that says more about me in my mid-40s than it does about the song.

Even nearly a decade and a half later, this ballad delivers such sweetness that I was loathed to even dare to try recreating it at all. But my love for the band and how this song cooks up my insides kept me progressing. This is meant as a compliment and a thank you to a band that defined much of my early 30s, a fist bump to the young men who became old men through their art. Dan, Billy, Sean and Dan - this one's for you! I hope you feel the love coming through even though it's my voice and guitar on the other end.

I am including the lyrics as I have heard them in my head for these many years. They may be wrong, but I have written mythologies about them in my brain and so this is my interpretation. Apologies for any errors. I'll do better next time.

Please go buy all of the Miranda Sound's records and downloads you can find. Let them bleed into your soul like they have mine.