Cover of "Idiot Wind" Words and Music By Bob Dylan

I cannot describe the number of ways I love the song "Idiot Wind," by Bob Dylan. In particular, I was knocked out with the latest Bootleg Series, which focused on the album Blood on the Tracks, one of the greatest mid-career Dylan albums. And this song has it all - it's filled with the vitriol of a middle-aged artist who has had enough with the hall of mirrors that fame was delivering as the 1970s were about to crash into the 1980s. Let me re-introduce you to the masterpiece that is Bob Dylan's "Idiot Wind."

I used an early version of lyrics, ones which resonate more with me that what was published on "Blood On The Tracks." One of the most fascinating things about diving deep into Bob Dylan over years and decades now, is that you see clearly the choices he made both from a literary composition perspective with the words he continues to choose, but the key, signature, rhythm, melody and swing. Turning any of these (or all them as Dylan does) into variables of art created in the moment is a lesson for all artists of all ages. Have faith in your choice in the moment as long as it is rooted in the light, it will never be wrong.