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About Me

JB Minton is an author and technologist who is trying to be a good human in Ohio.

JB's current creative projects include: 

1. A Skeleton Key To Twin Peaks -  comprehensive analytical tools to help anyone navigate the troubling waters of the masterpiece of Season 3 ("The Return") of Twin Peaks. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT A SKELETON KEY TO TWIN PEAKS.

2. A web article series for 25 Years Later Site about the Amazon Prime comedy Red Oaks. This entire series is a love letter to the writers, actors and to David Gordon Green, Joe Gangemi, Gregory Jacobs, and Hal Hartley as a production team. They created a modern day Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man and I will analyze David Meyer’s Hero’s Journey within the framework of this adventure laid out by Professor Joseph Campbell in his masterpiece The Hero With A Thousand Faces. CLICK HERE TO READ EACH WEEKLY ARTICLE AS THEY ARE PUBLISHED

3. A novel Great Awakening, which is about crawling out of the muck after the storm has destroyed and left.

4. A yet to be titled screenplay about the lives and impacts on millions of other lives that Joseph Campbell and Jiddu Krishnamurti had after a chance meeting on a steamship in the 1920s. 

Click around and find out more.

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My Current Projects

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to read my series analyzing the Amazon Prime comedy Red Oaks. I promise you will never watch this show or any other the same way again!

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to read my introduction to the HBO drama Deadwood. After 10 years, they are filming a new movie that will wrap up the cliffhanger at the end of Season 3. This is one of the best shows ever made by HBO and when you CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW, I am going to get you ready to watch it and appreciate it the right way!

 9+ years running. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher

9+ years running. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to learn about the book I’m writing about Twin Peaks. Don’t tell me you haven’t watched Twin Peaks yet! You have no excuse.

When Twin Peaks returned in 2017, the world wasn’t ready for what happened. It still isn’t. This 18 hour film, broken into episodes of a Showtime drama, is the most complex piece of art ever put on your screen. I am going to help you break it down and understand this masterpiece from one point of view that will change the way you watch the entire three seasons and the film Fire Walk With Me.

Also, when I publish this book, I’m giving all of my proceeds away to The David Lynch Foundation, which teaches Military Veterans suffering PTSD, those recovering from abuse, addiction, and the economically disenfranchised to practice Transcendental Meditation, a practice I adopted last year and which has changed my life positively in every conceivable way! Help me give back by supporting this project. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for info on when this book can be in your hands!

My Music

I love to make music that sounds good to my ears. I have been playing guitar and singing to myself for nearly 20 years and I amuse myself with this hobby. I might amuse you too.

 Standing outside one of my favorite US bookstores, City Lights Books in San Francisco, CA.

Standing outside one of my favorite US bookstores, City Lights Books in San Francisco, CA.